30 minute massage

Feeling Rejuvenated After a 30 Minute Massage

Yes – just a 30 minute massage can change your outlook for the day, the week or longer.

While a 60 minute massage is still the most popular session time for most of our Tallahassee clientele, a 30 minute massage can offer the same rejuvenating qualities as a longer session.

And for many people, 30 minutes is all they need. Additionally, 30 minutes is a convenient amount of time — it’s easier to squeeze in a half hour massage over lunch for example (if you only have an hour for lunch breaks). It’s also convenient for people with busy schedules who want or need a massage, but feel like the time commitment of a full hour keeps them from scheduling a session.

30 minute sessions are also great options for sports massages or medical injury massages — for many, those 30 minutes are all they need, especially if they’re scheduling multiple sessions per week as part of a recovery or rehabilitation plan for a specific ailment. Athletes and chiropractic patients, for example, will often schedule 2-3 sessions per week if they’re working on stiff muscles, nerve issues and stability issues.

Is a 30 minute massage right for you?

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