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Tallahassee Doctor Recommends Sports Massage for AC Joint Pain Relief

Here is a recent review that we received. One of our patients was recommended to our Tallahassee Massage Therapy office by their doctor after suffering an injury to their AC Joint.

Here’s an overview of that injury:

A separated shoulder is a common injury among contact athletes, especially hockey and football players, but it can happen to anyone who falls and lands on the tip of their shoulder or elbow. The result can be an injury to the muscles, tendons and ligaments that hold the bones in your shoulder together. It is a very different injury than a shoulder dislocation, which is a separation of the large joint (glenohumeral) in the shoulder. (From

Her is the review that was given….

“I recently separated my AC joint in my shoulder and my doctor recommended that I seek a medical/sports massage. I visited Advanced Alternatives with Meghann, she was informative and professional. I really appreciated her walking me through my treatment and offering me other treatment options to help relieve my pain. Great visit, worked with my schedule and relieved my pain!”

And our response…

“I’m so happy we could help! That’s definitely not a fun injury to have, and I’m glad you took your doctor’s advice and added massage to your treatment plan. Thanks so much for the five-star review of Meghann’s skills. I know she’ll be thrilled to hear your kind words. Hope to see you again soon! All the best.”

Read the full review and response here on our Google+ Business Page!

How Can We Help You?

Our skilled sports massage therapists can offer solutions to help you. We can work with direction from your doctor after injury.

We’re here for you. Please contact our office and schedule a time to visit our office. Call 850-325-1331 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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