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6 Surprising Benefits of Getting a Massage in Tallahassee

Some of our clients have been getting massages for a long, long time and are certainly aware of the many benefits that massages can provide.

At Advanced Alternatives Massage Therapy in Tallahassee, we offer a wide range of options to our clients depending on what they’re needing to make them feel better. From general relaxation massages to massages intended to help the recovery process after injury or even massage designed for helping to overcome TMJ, headaches, scoliosis or even the pressures of pregnancy — we can help.

For many clients however, massage therapy is still new to them. Yes — not everyone is a massage regular!

Because of that, it’s important to share some of the benefits that most people are not really familiar with. Here’s a great overview from Best Health Magazine, a Reader’s Digest publication. They outline some surprising benefits of getting massages. Click through to read more…

  1. It counteracts all that sitting you do
  2. It eases muscle pain
  3. It soothes anxiety and depression
  4. It improves sleep
  5. It boosts immunity
  6. It relieves headaches

Those really are some amazing benefits. And the reality is — it’s true. Massage can be therapeutic and renewing, both physically and spiritually.

Want to learn more about the benefits of massage?

Our skilled massage therapists can offer a variety of massage therapy solutions to help you.

We’re here for you and would love to talk to you about how me might be able to address issues you’re having with your body!

Please contact our office and schedule a time to visit our office. Call 850-325-1331 to learn more or schedule an appointment.


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