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Tallahassee Golfers Want to Know: Can Massage Help Improve Your Golf Swing?

We’re fortunate here in Tallahassee — if we want to play golf everyday, the weather is pretty cooperative. Some days it might be too hot and some days there is a lot of rain, but overall Florida golfers have it better than almost anywhere else.

One of the questions we hear occasionally from our athletic clients is, “can getting a massage help with my golf swing?”

The simple answer is yes — a massage can help.

But first — the 2 main things that will help improve your swing are:

  1. continued practice (with a correct swing motion for your body)
  2. continued stretching

Obviously, you’ll need to make sure you’re swinging your clubs correctly. A good golf coach can help get you on the right track there. Secondly, continual stretching will help increase flexibility in your body and help increase your range of motion in your rotation. Greater range of motion leads to more power and more accuracy in your golf swing.

Learn more at GolfChannel.com3 Stretches to Improve Your Flexibility

For many golfers, especially the recreational golfers we mostly see in our Tallahassee massage and sports therapy office, as their body begins aging, the less flexible they are and the harder they have to work at staying flexible.

That’s where massages can be beneficial. Regular massage can help to ease the tension in core muscles in the shoulders, lower back and the hip rotator muscles. It can loosen muscles and help stimulate proper blood flow to help your body begin to heal itself naturally.

Golfers — How Can We Help You?

For golfers who are experiencing pain and tightness in those muscles, our skilled sports massage therapists can offer solutions to help ‘get you back in the game.’

We’re here for you. Please contact our office and schedule a time to visit our office. Call 850-325-1331 to learn more or schedule an appointment.


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