Massage Meditation

Massage with Guided Meditation

meditationResearch has shown that stress is a contributing factor in many diseases. The benefits of massage and meditation cannot be underestimated in relieving the stress and helping to prevent the onset of some of these major health issues.
Massage Meditation is a scientific sound recipe that uses the brain’s natural structure to generate extremely deep meditative states equal to a Zen master. It’s one of humanity’s oldest healing practices reinvented for the 21stcentury. Cultures around the world have used sound to enter expanded states of consciousness for several millennia. Today scientists know the specific brainwave patterns associated with deep meditation and the precise mix of acoustic frequencies for anyone to access them. Combining meditation with massage creates a blissful mind-body integrative experience that you will not forget.

Benefits of Massage Meditation:

  • Heal the body and the mind
  • Let go of mental stress
  • Quickly experience deep states of relaxation & peace
  • Make meditation effortless
  • Scientifically researched, tested, & validated
  • 100% safe with zero negative side effects
  • Facilitates whole brain synchronization

Included by request for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE with any Massage Treatment

Customized Sessions

Our highly trained therapists are skilled in injury rehab and pain relief and offer a wide range of massage modalities with their unique, personal styles and special techniques. Your session will always be customized for your individual needs and recommendations may be given to include stretches, posture tips, lifestyle modifications or follow-up care with other modalities or practitioners.

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