Is part of Oriental Medicine and has developed several unique styles of treatment throughout the world. When injuries, emotions, disease, stress, or poor lifestyle choices disrupt the circulation of “Qi” (blood, lymph, and other fluids in your body), you begin to feel worse and medical symptoms appear. Acupressure is the gentle but firm stimulation of acupoints on the clients body from the skilled practitioner to help reestablish the flow of “Qi” while relieving stress throughout the body.

Rates for this massage:

  • 30 minutes $40.00
  • 60 minutes $75.00
  • 90 minutes $105.00

Customized Sessions

Our highly trained therapists are skilled in injury rehab and pain relief and offer a wide range of massage modalities with their unique, personal styles and special techniques. Your session will always be customized for your individual needs and recommendations may be given to include stretches, posture tips, lifestyle modifications or follow-up care with other modalities or practitioners.

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