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Lower Leg Massages in Tallahassee


Lower Leg Muscle Cramps (calves and quads) can be annoying, painful and recurring…especially for local Tallahassee athletes, joggers, cyclist and other. And yes, even for folks who sit behind desks all day or do weekend gardening. Your lower leg muscles get a lot more work than you might imagine.

And they do get tight. They do get injured.

Cramps or injury generally result from overexertion and/or dehydration. When you don’t have enough fluid in your system, it leads to an electrolyte imbalance that causes your muscles to cramp up.

Pain in your calf or lower leg also occur after over-activity as well as inactivity (such as sitting too long in one place without moving a muscle). Sometimes you can even get a cramp when you’re just lying in bed!

It’s not unusual too for leg pain to be related with back issues — sciatica for example.

Fortunately, we offer massages to help with leg pain.

Cramp is a term often used to refer to a painful, involuntary contraction of a single muscle or a muscle group. Lower Leg Muscle Cramps frequently occur in the legs of elderly patients and can be extremely painful (but can happen to people of all ages). Cramps my be followed by residual tenderness and evidence of muscle fiber necrosis, including elevation of serum creatinine kinase.

Cramps in the calf muscles are so common, many people consider them to be normal…but still irritating. A massage can help though.

How Can We Help You?

Our skilled massage therapists can offer solutions to help you.

We’re here for you. Please contact our office and schedule a time to visit our office. Call 850-325-1331 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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