massage for fsu athletes

FSU Women’s Soccer Team See Benefits of Regular Massage

Every two weeks, we have the pleasure of working with the Florida State University (FSU) Women’s Soccer Team.

We’re rooting you on, ladies!

Find out more about the team here.

As experienced sports massage therapists, we’ve been working with the soccer team to help them maintain a proper balance of health throughout a long season. Our goal for the players is to help their bodies function with less restriction and accelerate recovery time after injury, pain or stress.

Our highly trained therapists are skilled in injury rehab and pain relief and offer a wide range of massage modalities with their unique, personal styles and special techniques.

Athletes — How Can We Help You?

Whether you’re a college athlete, a weekend warrior or just need a relaxing massage — we can offer a treatment solution to help you feel better.

We’re here for you. Please contact our office and schedule a time to visit our office. Call 850-325-1331 to learn more or schedule an appointment.


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