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Friday is a Good Day for Massages in Tallahassee!

While everyday is a good day for a massage, Friday’s are a very popular day massages.

Why is that?

Our clients tell us that one big reason is that Fridays always just seem a little more loose and open. They’re able to carve out extra time from work to squeeze a session in. If they’re not working or have taken a day off, a Friday massage is great way to kickoff a weekend.

It seems like over the last few years, the weekends can now be as busy or busier than weekdays, especially if you have kids with full schedules of sports participation, birthday parties to attend, visits with the grandparents and more. Getting a massage on Friday instead of the weekend is almost a better idea.

We also see a lot of professionals on Friday’s — doctors, dentists, chiropractors — who take Fridays off anyway. It’s a good time for them to get the relaxing, rejuvenating massages they need to stay fresh and healthy for their own patients.

Our Friday sessions generally fill up quickly. We ask that if you’re looking to schedule time, please reach out as soon as possible. And if Fridays don’t work for some reason — remember — we can schedule sessions everyday of the week!

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We’re here for you and would love to talk to you about how me might be able to address issues you’re having with your body!

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