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Football Season Is Here — Do You Need a Massage Already?

Just like so many others here in Tallahassee, we’re super excited about college football season starting up!

We can’t wait to see what the Seminoles are able to do this year — the season looks bright, even with a young quarterback poised to start the season.

The question for many of us who are not playing competitively is — after the first weekend of college football — will we already be needing a massage to address sore muscles?

You know how it is. A game or touch football in the yard gets a little rough and your knees start to hurt. Throwing 100 tight spirals with your son leaves your shoulder achy. Heck — maybe you even tweak your ankle running to the refrigerator during commercial breaks between plays.

We tend to see a slight uptick in office visits for massages related to overexertion or ‘unusual activity’ this time of year. Everyone’s excited about the season starting — but few of us are stretching or warming up. That can lead to tweaks, sprains and sore muscles that might need some professional massage attention.

Fortunately, the massage therapists here at Advanced Alternatives Massage Therapy can help ‘get you back in the game’ — with a variety of deep tissue massage options or specific sports massage therapies.

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