Deep Tissue Massage Near FAMU

Are you looking to get a deep tissue massage near the Florida A&M University campus?

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What should you know about Deep Tissue Massage?

This massage style goes deeper into the muscle tissue to reduce spasms and scar tissue that often result from chronic injury or overuse. Often this treatment is a full-body session but can also focus on specific areas like the back, neck, hips or legs. As a result, muscle tension and toxins are released allowing blood and oxygen to circulate properly.

Whether you’re an faculty member, employee or student at FAMU you’ll be in great hands with our experienced massage therapists.

Rates for this massage:

  • 30 minutes $40.00
  • 60 minutes $75.00
  • 90 minutes $105.00

Customized Sessions

Our highly trained therapists are skilled in injury rehab and pain relief and offer a wide range of massage modalities with their unique, personal styles and special techniques. Your session will always be customized for your individual needs and recommendations may be given to include stretches, posture tips, lifestyle modifications or follow-up care with other modalities or practitioners.

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Benefits of massage for FAMU students, employees or faculty

It’s important to note that different people respond to deep tissue massage in different ways. Some appreciate the relaxing and rejuvenating aspect of massage. Others seek benefits related to sports injuries, strains and tight muscles. And others are looking to feel better while dealing with chronic pain on long term illnesses.

The physical and emotional benefits can be truly amazing. Massage therapy can promote health and wellness, a foundation for ongoing happiness.

Is a deep tissue massage right for you? Let’s find out. With a quick call, you can schedule an appointment and speak to someone who can answer any questions you may have. Click here to schedule a massage appointment online today.