Massage Therapists


Leisa R. Peach, LMT.

Owner of Advanced Alternatives Massage Therapy specializing in injury specific Sports and Medical Massage Therapy. I stand in awe of the tremendous power of therapeutic touch. From linear “Medical” modalities to more open minded approaches, Massage Therapy is gaining popularity as a drug free approach to restoring flexibility, pain management, and postural correction.
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Meghann Jacks LMT.

Working for Advanced Alternatives has given me a passion for the field of Sports and Medical Massage. As an athlete, I know how important it is to perform at your best. My desire is to assist people in resolving their physical ailments without the use of medications or invasive procedures. Through my continued education and intuitive approach, I strive to create a one-of-a-kind treatment plan to support the health and wellness of each and every one of my clients.
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Ainura Mahorner LMT

Ainura enjoys helping her clients dramatically change their lives by getting them out of the pain cycle and empowering them to take control of their own health and well-being.  Her knowledge and experience in deep tissue massage, sports massage and injury rehabilitation has made her treatments incredibly successful. She has a mindful, nurturing touch and a relaxed, professional presence that allows her to work well with a variety of clients and is particularly focused on holistic healing that addresses the root causes of the injury or illness.
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Cynthia Cowen LMT

Cynthia graduated from CORE Institute in 2006 and has a unique style which integrates her training by fusing powerful Deep Tissue techniques with a calming Swedish flow.  Known for her holistic approach, she analyses the needs of each client and takes them through a customized results-oriented journey. She has presented educational workshops to a variety of audiences on the health and wellness benefits of massage, vegan / vegetarian food preparation, nutrition and lifestyle. With her background in education, Cynthia prides herself in making sure her clients not only leave relaxed, but also better informed on how to maintain their overall well-being.
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Lavonne Dickens, LMT

Lavonne brings 15 years of experience to the AAMT Team and offers therapeutic massage treatment blending Swedish massage with acupressure and connective tissue techniques. She intentionally creates a massage that will suit your specific needs. Her serene approach offers harmony, balance, and ease to your busy life.
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Steve Peuckert (Poy-kert)

Steve’s massage techniques range from Therapeutic Medical / Deep Tissue Massage to Spa Relaxation using specialty music which is customized to each client’s taste.

He is a certified Ayurvedic practitioner and a Tai Chi instructor and believes that his 23 years of training in Taoist Tai Chi internal arts and methods, meditation, and the study of Ayurvedic medicine gives him an intuitive touch that can be shared with his clients to assist in the balancing of the body and mind.
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Whitney Jae Danger, LMT.

My career has taken me through many fields but my sustaining interest is in health and wellness. After working with patients in Hospice,  I realized the great importance of touch and how little emphasis is put onto it in western medicine.
I integrate modalities such as, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, prenatal/postpartum Pregnancy Massage, and my own form of Integrative Massage techniques to help create a safe, relaxed, comfortable environment for self-healing through positive touch.
Sessions are tailored to the client’s individual needs with the intention of promoting ongoing wellness.
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John Rainbolt LMT

John has been treating athletes and injured clients since 2004. Specializing in Sports Therapy, Injury Rehabilitation and the relief of chronic pain patterns, he has treated hundreds of athletes (Runners, Cyclists, Tennis players Cross Fitters, as well as Professional Athletes, Dancers and Track & Field Olympians)
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